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Digg Blog: Digg Reader Rollout


Just moments ago we sent out the first batch of invites to the survey participants who powered our development process. Over the next few hours, we’ll open Digg Reader to the rest of the users who have signed up for early access. Our goal is to make sure the experience remains speedy and…

This beta version is aimed first and foremost at Google Reader users looking for a new home in advance of its imminent shutdown. Once you connect your Google Account, you’ll find all of your feeds and folders set up and ready to go.  And even if you’re not a Google Reader refugee, come on in!  You can build up your list of sources by browsing recommended publishers or searching for feeds via the “Add” button.

I’m one of the beta testers for this site. I encourage any of you that used google reader and wish it wasn’t closing to give this a try.